"Beyond Noh" Animated Short

"Beyond Noh"
Directed by Patrick Smith
Produced by Kaori Ishida

Running Time 4:00 

"Beyond Noh" rhythmically animates 3,475 individual masks from all over the world, beginning with the distinctive masks of the Japanese Noh theater and continuing on a cultural journey through ritual, utility, deviance, and politics.
“ビヨンド能” 日本独特の伝統芸能である能楽の能面をはじめ3,475の世界中のお面を通して見れる各国の文化や儀式また逸脱した世界観、政治的観念をリズミカルに描いた作品です

Official Selection:
• 2020 Tribeca Film Festival (World Premiere), USA
• 2020 Krakow Film Festival, Poland
• 2020 Vienna International Shorts, Austria 
• 2020 Literally Short Film Festival, USA
• 2020 Huesca International Film Festival, Spain 
• 2020 Annecy International Animation Festival, France
• 2020 Palm Springs Shortsfest, USA
• 2020 Fest Anca International Animation Festival, Slovakia  
• 2020 Woods Hole Film Festival, USA
• 2020 Odense International Film Festival, Denmark
• 2020 Warsaw Film Festival, Poland
• 2020 Guanajuato International Film Festival, Mexico
• 2020 Ottawa International Animation Festival, Canada
• 2020 Long Island Film Expo, USA

Museum Screenings/Exhibitions:
• La Maison des Ailleurs, Charleville-Mézières, France
• Institut pour la Photographie, Lille, France.