"Onward Ye Costumed Souls" Animated Short by Patrick Smith


Onward ye constumed souls.. Onward to utopia! Thy back shall be broken, thy soul shall be enslaved. Thy dear comrades shall perish a tragic end, and thou shall assume, nay inherit, the role of tyrant. All 'i decree to achieve progress and Elysium. Onward fine people, onward to progress! In this animated short, a hooded giant subjects a smaller species to rigorous enslavement, in order to slowly move him forward toward an unseen goal. Through obstinate workers, and molten obstacles, the dual nature of oppressor and the oppressed prevails, allowing the cycle to continue. Enjoy the #asmr Official Selection of: • 2024 The ASIFA-East Animation Festival, USA • 2024 Wiesbaden International Animation Festival, Germany • 2024 Detroit International Animation Festival, USA • 2024 Chester Animation Festival, UK • 2024 Athens ANIMFEST, Greece • 2024 Sunderland Shorts Film Festival, UK Animated by Patrick Smith Sound by Patrick Smith