"Ithaca Shores" Animated Music Video

"Ithaca Shores'
Music by Jay Simon
Animated by Patrick Smith

A musical story featuring sea monsters, robots, and a tiny controller person being pursued by mysterious horned leviathans. Through a sudden and disastrous crash into the ceiling of the sky, he emerges from his imaginary island contraption, clamoring though a shattered hole, and sees the world in a new way, void of the creatures that haunted him. Music by Jay, from the album Concentric. Animated by Patrick Smith.
Directors note: In this animation I re-introduced an iconic character I first created for my film "Masks", I see this little pale pulp-like character as a visceral representation of our inner fragility, innocence, and honesty that is slowly buried into our inner core as we proceed through our mature lives. This character is a good storytelling tool as I attempt to illustrate the visual interpretations of our learning, struggles, and suffering.. and sometimes joyful victory over personal strife and confusion. The robot, conversely, is a symbol of lifelessness, of dry utility.. a vehicle. I believe this was the first time I included any type of a non-organic character. I hope you like the film. I can't thank Jay enough for giving me the opportunity to draw this piece, guided by his emotionally charged track of music.