"Masks" Animated short

Synopsis: In 2009, Musician Karl von Kries created a seven minute audio score, Animator Patrick Smith drew what he heard. Masked men exploit an edible smaller species as a renegade scientist perfects a cloning process to satisfy demand, but the clones conceal a destructive secret.

Winner Santa Clarita Valley Film Festival 2012
Winner Jury Prize Durango Film Festival 2012 
Winner ASIFA-East (Association Internationale du Film d'Animation) 2011
Winner Animated Surrealism Award DragonCon Film Festival, 2011
Winner Anima Mundi, Brazil, 2011

2012 Cleveland International Film Festival
2012 Phoenix Film Festival
2012 Durango Film Festival
2012 Santa Clarita Valley Film Festival (Winner!)
2012 San Francisco Independent Film Festival
2011 Charlston International Film Festival
2011 Savannah Film Festival
2011 Santa Cruz Film Festival
2011 ASIFA-East (Winner!)
2011 Ellensburg Film Festival 
2011 Befilm Film Festival
2011 Annecy Plus Film Festival 
2011 Kodak Animation Show
2011 Arizona Film Festival
2011 Woodstock Film Festival
2011 Ojai Film Festival
2011 Philadelphia Animation Festival

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