"POUR GENERATION" Animated Short by Patrick Smith


A reproductive ritual is Interrupted by a winsome mutation. The "freak" is immediately ostracized by his homogenous fore-bearers. The solitude ends when he comes across another genetic misfit, together they spawn a new generation of unique and vibrant individuals.

Modifications in the genetic sequence results in diversity among organisms. These changes occur at many different levels, and they can have a variety of consequences. This film depicts a homogenous world of wine glasses, we see a small vitreous tribe that unwillingly spawns a vibrant genetic misfit. They immediately shun the "Freak" in the cruelest way, leaving the oddity alone and hopeless. "Pour Generation" is the 5th film in the series of films that take place in a world of metaphorical wine and cocktail glasses. Building on the main idea set forth in the Oscar® qualified short film "Pour 585."

Director Bio:
Patrick Smith creates metaphorical hand drawn animated short films, as well as experimental object replacement films. Previously, he was a storyboard artist at Walt Disney, and Animation Director at MTV. Smith is a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and a fellow of the New York Foundation of the Arts.

★ Credits ★
Directed/Animated/colored by Patrick Smith
Executive Producer: Kaori Ishida
Associate Producer: Anita Zheng
Associate Producer: Eason Lu
Associate Producer: Michael McClain
♫ Music By Leon Riskin ♪
Sound Effects by Patrick Smith

♥ Special Gratitude ♥
Tso Tne 
Nate Milton
Thomas Shelford
Joy Buran
Noelle Melody
Tony Ingrisano
Wegfinder Shadow
Gato negro Animation
Alejandra Avalos
Mark Nettles Elliott
Red Redstar
Flying Film Festival
Barry Rubin

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